Are we still human? What does it mean now?

       The term “Communitarianism” appeared in 1980, it’s a philosophy that emphasizes the connection between the individual and the community accordind to It seems that this notion should be a good way to connect people and make them live in harmony. However, in that notion, the community is more important than the individual. It means that, you have to give yourself to the community and put aside your individualism. It’s a good strategy to use when you want to manipulate people.

     Racism and sexism are kind of discrimination, the first one is about culture (skin colour, origin) and the second one is about gender (man/woman). Even if a lot of peoples fought for erase them in the past and still today, those weeds aren’t cut off yet.

      Our world has plenty problems that we have to think how to solve them. We have war, terrorism, racism, sexism. Why do we have that kind of problems while we are all human? We have created the language, it should help us to understand each other and don’t reach something like a war. But just in 20th century, we witnessed two big and violent wars. So, being a human doesn’t mean anything anymore? Are we belong to our country and our beliefs rather than our humanity?

      First of all, there you can see that the racism is still exist in our world. His activity is not the same everywhere but we can’t deny its existence. Racism is a very big issue, that causes injustice in society through work, school, public transport, in sport, on internet or in the street. People who are victim of it are oppressed. That oppression can manifest itself through violence or keeping it inside and create a time-bomb. In school, the students who came from immigration are often victims of discrimination in their school. They tend to don’t have the same cracismehance to be accepted in a school than a native. At some point, we reach a state which is, we have an entire school just for immigrate students. There’s no cultural exchange anymore. In work, it’s the same problem, if you are not native, you probably see your chance to get a job reduce and even if you have one, your salary might be inferior than a native. Racism can also show up in sport, racist insults happen often during a game against players who came from another country from the public or the others players.

Racism is full of non-sense, what they take as reasons to discriminate are just some exterior differences for the most of them. However, in the facts, we all have one head, two arms, a chest and two legs and we are not habited by an animal instinct. So, we don’t have to be afraid or reject foreigners. There is a lot of things that we can learn from another culture. But instead of that, we consider other people as good-of-nothing and treat them as an animal. Communitarianism is directly link with that, in fact communitarianism is used to manipulate people in general. They value the society where they live, it means that they want you to lose your own personality, it’s easier to use you after that. We can take the example of Donald Trump with his slogan “Make America great again”. He doesn’t care about the people but about the American ground. With that slogan, he earns the vote of people who don’t think enough but get swallowed up in the mass, are habited by a spirit of patriotism and don’t by humanity. We can take a worst example which is Hitler. His slogan was: “Ein volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”, it means “One people, one State, one Leader”. It’s basically the same idea as Trump and we’ all know the results of that state of mind. In France, they used that strategy after each terrorism attack. “Being a solid community”, but the people who did those horrible things are some of them French, thus the problem is how the society is organized. However, instead of trying to solve them, they are rejecting the fault on foreigners who are Muslim or foreigners in general in the most of the case. We have to keep in mind that we are all humans, we have to treat everyone with respect, you have the right not to agree with his point of view but respect him as a human that the only thing which is require. Stop pointing finger at foreigner when something bad happen in your life or in your “community”. In facts, communitarianism is just an excuse, subterfuge to conceal racism.


      Sexism is also a big issue. First of all, that problem is touching both genders: man and woman.

3.jpgThat image is a perfect reflection of some stereotypes which can be considered as sexism, in fact, it’s denigrating both genders. But if we give a little thought to it, despite our reproductive system, we are similar. So, why do we think like this? That’s what media, some books, movies and the type of education that surrounding us. But it’s not just some calls and that’s it, indeed some people believe in those stereotypes. They reach the state of hurting physically people around them.

daredevil-sexismIt’s the case of rape in a workplace and domestic violence. Those kinds of sexism are commonplace in a workplace. In fact, one in five women reported being raped in one survey and other rap surveys have found rape rates varying from one in three to one in six women. Most of these victims never see justice. In fact, 60% of rapes are never reported to the police, so 97% of rapists never go to jail. Why don’t they report? Maybe it’s due to our education. In fact, some women were educating in the way to have those following characteristics: “have to gentle”, “sweet”, “support her husband” and “be submissive”.

Otherwise, the percentage of men is less than women but it’s also due to our education as a man have to be “strong” and thus doesn’t report. That’s another kind of sexism. Most of boys were educating as “you can’t cry because you are a boy”, “a boy has to be strong and virile”, “How could you keep your wife if you’re not?”. That type of educating is causing so much shaming for men. That’s why being a homosexual is more difficult for a man than for a woman. Moreover, can’t show any kind of weakness, still crowed torso, ready to fight life. It’s the reason why we have so little data about sexism against man. Actually, it makes no-sense to educate our children like this, because in one hand we have women who are considered as sex object and are raped without reporting because that’s how they are educated. In one another, men can’t show feelings almost weakness, have to take care of his wife in all ways possible. We should being educate in order to consider the other gender as a human a not as man or woman.

   To conclude, we have seen that racism, sexism and communitarianism are parasites which deprive us of living in a peaceful society. All of them are based on stereotypes, a lack of knowledge and a complete healthy education. But we are all human, just thinking that the person in front of us and everyone on this earth are human should be enough to avoid all of those problems as wars for the worst of them. However, instead of that, some people just look at origins, skin colour, gender… In that way, being a human is just an ancient term, now the right term is being French, German (you have the idea). It’s very sad to see how our world has evolved.

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The impact of men and women in our society


     Society has been created because we can’t survive by ourselves. We need to live in society and divide the different roles as farmer, architect governed by laws. In that way, we can make some exchange with others and have all we need as food, house, road… a better level of life.

   Without society and its rules, we’ll live in a wild environment with the law of the strongest. By itself, that law is just an open door to war and pillage, that law will lead to the extinction of humanity. In order to live as a human, society is essential.

   As you already know, in society we have men and women. Then, each gender has its position and role in society. As in family, we all have at least a mother or a father and they helped us (in general) to grow, that’s why we all carry them in our heart.

   Society was not created yesterday, so we can see the evolution of the roles of men and women in society through history. We keep adding layers of paint, because we seek for perfection. Therefore, this can explain why society nowadays is highly complex and hard to understand, as there are too many layers to go through.


In the 1950s and before, the roles of men and women were clearly defined. The way of thinking in that time was very simple. The men work the whole day while the women stay at home and take of their children. That view is totally cliché but has been a reality at this time. The men earn money for the family and handle the role of “chief”. His impact in how children is educated is very small almost inexistent. Then, they don’t have a role in family chores, they just come back at home by night after a long day of working, tired and ready to eat. When men go to work, women stay at home, handle all of the family chores and educate children in a very simplistic way, in fact, boys use their strength in mechanical, playing football and can’t show some weakness when girls stay with their mom in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning. When girls grow, they think that they have to cook for her husband and take care of him with some nice words and food even if they are also tired through cleaning, dishes, educating children… In that way, women don’t really have a direct relation with society, they are really active but only between the walls of her house, society is bigger than that. However, men are in the center of the economy of his country. They are more than women in work and also in term of salary, then the only one who really contribute to the development of the society. In that sense, conditions require for a society which can subsist to our needs are satisfy by men. However, that type of society has been questioning and some modification have been made.


       During the industrial revolution, in Britain, that event made many women working in full-time, which meant they had opportunities to meet in large organised groups to discuss political and social issues. At this moment, a group of women named “Suffragette” realized that they deserve to have the same rights as men, statement that they won’t ever made because of their lack of education. Also, during the both wars, the capacity of women was very helpful do to some work because men are fighting and when those wars end, they returned to their role of housewife. “Why are we reduce to this, according to men wishes?” surely appeared in their mind. Woman like Simone de Beauvoir fought harder to change their situations. Those events and personality led us to the beginning of our actual society. A new view and women behavior appeared.


     They started to fight in order to have the right to vote, having the same salary as men, and can be independent. Then, the role of women started to change. In fact, they have access to education and can participate efficiently in the world of economy: easily access to a work. In our actual society, women can be independent and earn her own money. Now we have laws which recognized man and woman equal in the education of their children, women can have work without a permission of their husbands. The ancient role of women doesn’t really disappear, some women like being housewife, but some of them are independent now. It’s not just the role of women in society which changed, the role of men changed as well. They are more free to express their feelings as weakness. Furthermore, men are now more invested in the education of their children and can build a better and valuable link with them than before, that lead us to a different way of educating, which is not just limited to “a man go to work when his wife stay at home to take care of everything inside”, for instance in France in 2002, a law which allow a man to has some days off when his child born has been voted. Moreover, some men like being a house-husband, a role that a man never carry on in the past, in that sense the family chores are also now shared between both genders. Then, our society benefits from men’s skills and women’s skills in the same time. However, men are still having some advantages than women. It seems that men are paid 10% more than women, also in certain areas as mechanical, football player for instance, people tend to reserve that area for men. In fact, men are linked to virility when women are linked to fashion.

    To conclude, we have seen that the role of women and men are in a constant development. In contrary as before, women gained a certain freedom in society and their role in society is still grow. The role of men changed also, a participation in family chores and education of his children. However, the equality between men and women is still a big issue. We have to continue to fight to give a better place and contribution in society for women and stop shaming against men who show their feelings. Before being a man or a woman, we were all a boy or a child. The child today is the adult tomorrow, then we can ask the following question which is: What is the place and role of children in our society?

The impact of technology in our society


Nowadays, technology is everywhere, in our lives, in our society, in our school… Then, we can ask the question, which is: what is the impact of technology in our society?

According to dictionary, technology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science.

We can see a sad part of technology through the atomic bomb. The real mortality of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan will never be known. It is not unlikely that the estimated number of killed and wounded are over 150,000 in Hiroshima  and over 75,000 in Nagasaki (refer to Those numbers are really huge and reflect the impact of technology in human’s life.

Personally, I think that nobody should have the power to kill someone and even so if it’s people. We are all human and it’s enough to not kill our own. That means, we have to be careful in what way we want to use technology. Marcel Pagnol had said: “One has to look out for engineers – they begin with sewing machines and end up with the atomic bomb”.

First of all, technology makes easier the way we deal with our lives through smartphone, car, bus, tramway… Otherwise, technology allows us to have a long lifetime through advance in medicine or the tools for cooking, which gives us a better quality of food.  Those kind of technology show the power of humans over nature, we don’t depend anymore on what it gives us but we manage to make our life better. Even though, if technology help us, we have to be careful, to not dependent on it completely. It is what happens sometimes, people use technology as a reference and don’t think about other options but just follow the instructions of technology. In that way, humans build robots and that is dangerous for the future of humanity. Moreover, considering the fact that, technology is expensive, people in low social class can’t benefit of it. That increases the gap between different social class and can make them as outsiders in the end. Then, if one day, some part of technology will be included in the human body, people who can’t buy that will be excluded from society.

 To continue, we can take the example of Internet. Internet is a very powerful tool which connect us together, with it, we can talk with someone who is far from us or buy something while you are in your bed. Around 40% of the population has an internet connection each day (here you can see on live the number of persons who are connected Technology allows us to have access to all the knowledge in the world and with our smartphones we can be connected and talked with all of our friends thanks to internet. And, it’s not just with friend but with the rest of the world. We are able to know what happened in each country, in the same way meet people who are in a different country and make new friends who have a different culture and learn from them.  It may erase all the racism and hatred in the world. However, according to history, that’s not what we can see through the atomic bomb, which is a fruit of technology. Being connected can be used as a weapon in order to steal government information.

Other impact of internet in our life can be seen through our activity presence on internet. In that case, we all have a weakness, even though it can be more important for a person than an another one. When we put our personal information on their devices, like smartphones or computer, they have the power to manipulate and destroy our lives if they want, to spy us. Otherwise, if someone with bad intentions hack their system and take our information, that can be used as a blackmail against us. So, we keep the thought that all we have will be stolen, somewhere in the back of our mind. We can take an example of a game named Watch dogs. In that game, you incarnate someone who hack other’s smartphone and take their money and hear their conversation in the purpose to obtain what you want regardless the consequences in their life. That game illustrated perfectly this sad effect of technology, in the way that, it organizes and also can destroy our lives very quickly than we can thought.


To conclude, we have seen that, technology increases our level of life through transportation, communication, medicine, make easier exchanges of cultures and financial transactions. Moreover, Internet is a wonderful tool that allows us to know what happens all over the world and to meet new people who have different cultures, I think that’s the best advance that we have never seen for the humanity. However, we have to be careful about what we put on internet in order to be safe because, the people who have acess to our personal information can spying us or someone who hack their system stole our personal information. So, how far technology impact our personal life depends on how we use it. In one hand, carefully in the purpose to only benefit the good aspects or in another one being chained by all the vices present on internet.

The impact of religion in our society


The impact of religion in our society.


-In general, religion is considered a system of practices and beliefs for a group or a community but it is so expansive so we couldn’t give her a strict definition. Everybody has his opinion about it. Then, everyone has a personal idea about religion, it can be a positive opinion like religion is bringing us together or a negative one like turn off the people’s brain.

-Then, I was educated in a Christian family like my mother and my father are really practitioners. Personally, I’m not like my parents, I don’t usually go to the church and I do not pray at all but I respect their belief.

-Otherwise, we can’t ignore the fact that religion gives in general, good values. Religion gives an education where the ethic is everywhere. Often, religion praises peace, love and those beautiful things. So, in what way religion impact our society?

To begin, in history, religion is very present. In first, we can see that fact with the colonization. Colonizers used religion like a pretext to colonize some countries. Ethics values of religion were deflected from their principals aim. They were used to appear good in front of the people to let them do. When they are in the country, they put to sleep with the ethics values of religion the people living there for take their resources. For example, I came from Madagascar and my country has been colonized by France.  When they came, they used religion to put residents to sleep for steal resources and put to slavery. But, when they realized ethics values of religion through the bible, they rebelled against the false preachers. Then, in history again, religion in general refuses the evolution of science. In general, if someone found something new which put religion in a second plan, religion’s responsible block the expansion of this information or deny that and tried to silence those researchers and killed them if it was possible.

Moreover, religion influenced our society in the domain of the comportment. In fact, each kind of religion have their own behavior codes.

We can see different kind of comportment in our society in that fact, that make diversity. It can be in a good way or in a worst way. People who have the same principles can gather, meet some new friends and share something, in that way the humanity is on a good way to reach the peace. Then, religion also want to reach the peace, with all their ethics principles: “don’t steal”, “don’t lie”, etc. So, we can think that if everybody follows a religion, we can reach to a world without any troubles. However, people who aren’t practice the same religion if they aren’t open-minded, that can be create some kind of rejection or in an extreme case war between two persons under the pretext of their beliefs. So religion can bring people together but can divide them to. We should to be careful about that.

Difference can also be under the light of the personal development. To become somebody, we have to search for some answers for our questions. In that way, the question of the reason of our life and the death take a large space. In fact, to live correctly we can hear religion’s opinion about that, like the life after the death and those things, with that we could live with more tranquility and could concentrate ourselves in our purpose. But, with that, we have to be careful to, if we just hear their verses and psalms without thinking by ourselves it’s can be possible. This is an another problem with religion, some people go to the church with the aim to solve all of their problems after the mess. We can’t do anything good if we turn off our brains. To continue with that idea, there kind of person lost the essence of what they are because of the way they interpret their religion.

After that, we have seen that religion is present for years and years ago. So, religion impact our society, individual or together. It helps an individual to find his way and reach his full potential but can also make an another individual to turn off his brain. Then, it can bring us together in the church or in an another place to fight against loneliness and try to find solution for our world together. Colonization, braking the development of science are also some side aspects of religion. But, we can’t ignore all of ethics values which try to make the world better. Religion has some kind of positive effect and side effect so it depends the way it’s use. Like we have seen, religion tried to block advances of science and in the same way advances of technology, but religion failed in this purpose. Science and technology acquire more and more influence in people lives. So, what extent has technology in our society nowadays?